Shop Setup Instructions

Okay, so you have your shiny new Action Coin vendor account for the Action Coin Marketplace. Now what? I’m going to walk you through a few simple things that you can do to make your business shine!

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Step 1: Store Setup

If you haven’t logged in for awhile, or you are just setting your vendor account up now, you will be presented with the following screen. This system guides you through our 7 step store setup. Click Let’s go!

If you already configured your store, we will provide you with links to the relevant sections of our dashboard throughout this article.

On the Store Setup page, you can update your logo, store banner, shop name, phone number, address, your location on the global map and a nice description of your business.

Store Setup Page

Step 2: Payment Information

Decide how you wish to be paid for sales that you make through our marketplace. All payments will be in USD only at this time (the Action Coin portion of any order will be awarded to you in ACTN).

  • Bank Transfers (bank transfer fees charged at cost).
  • Bitcoin Transfers (Bitcoin network fees charged at cost).
  • PayPal Payments (PayPal fees charged at cost).
  • Skrill Payments (Skrill fees charged at cost).
Payment Setup Page

Step 3: Store Policies

On the Policies Page, you should define your shipping policies, refund policies and your cancellation/return/exchange policies.

Store Policies Page

Step 4: Customer Support

Configure a separate Customer Support contact here. Leave blank to have customer inquiries directed to the email address associated with your account.

Customer Support Page

Step 5: Store SEO Setup

The Store SEO Setup page is where you define information that you want search engines, such as Google, to index. Keep your information short and to the point.

  • SEO Title should be your business name, possibly followed by a short description (such as “Business Name | Your Country, City”).
  • Meta Description should be a clear description of the products and services that you offer.
  • Meta Keywords should be a short list of keywords specific to your business, separated by commas.
Store SEO Setup Page

Step 6: Social Media Setup

On the Social Media setup page, you can add your links to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. More popular social media platforms will be added soon!

Social Media Setup Page

That’s it, you’re done configuring your store!

Now add or edit your products!

Here’s the edit product screen. From here, you can add and edit products and services for sale,priced in US Dollars, with a 5% minimum discount in ACTN.

Products Page

Be sure to let customers know exactly what they are receiving, how they can get it. Do you offer local delivery, or ship your products? If you offer shipping, let people know where you’re willing to ship to, and at what cost, in USD.

Here’s an example of a properly configured product:

Product Example

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