How It Works

For Customers:

Action Coin (“Action” or “ACTN”) is earned by joining our website, referring friends and family to our platform and participating in community activities. You may also find and collect Action Coin in “Augmented Reality“.

Collectors may use their Action Coin to obtain deals and discounts (1.00 ACTN = $1.00 USD in SAVINGS) on a growing list of products and services offered by Vendors from more than 30 countries.

Get up to 1,000X more value for your Action Coin right here, on our marketplace!

Collectors may also trade their Action Coin (ACTN) for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and more than 100 other crypto-assets. The real world price and liquidity of ACTN is determined by people everywhere, through third-party wallets and exchanges.

Read how Action Coin works for Vendors.