Action Coin Blockchain Network

We are now moving towards a more decentralized blockchain network, with public nodes owned and operated by “trusted” individuals all over the world.

Action Coin public nodes must meet our minimum requirements in terms of performance and uptime, and all node operators will be required to provide proof of their identity through our KYC process.

Node Operator Bounty: Currently set at 10,000 ACTN per month (guaranteed for at least 12 months). Bounty will be adjusted if node operators are not able to meet uptime requirements.

Node Operator Requirements: You must be able to provide a computer system with at least 8GB memory, 10-20GB free disk space, an “always on” internet connection and a static IP address or hostname. The average overall availability of your node must not fall below 95% uptime. Interested in running a public node? Setup your node following these instructions, then email our technical support department, as detailed in the public node setup article, and we’ll check your information.

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