Vendor Benefits

Vendors may take advantage of the following benefits soon after they publish a special offer on the Action Marketplace.

2). Receive FREE EXPOSURE to thousands of Action Coin users through our marketplace, which is regularily promoted to more than 60,000 followers worldwide.  Your business may also benefit from exposure that we receive due to mass media coverage and other ongoing marketing activities.

3). Receive 100% of the ACTN that our customers redeem in order to receive special discounts on your products or services.

4). Redeem your ACTN for deals from other like-minded Action Vendors.  Take advantage of deals on B2B services such as coaching, technology, web design, web hosting and more.

5). Redeem your ACTN for additional exposure in the form of enhanced advertising opportunities on our website, as well as sponsored posts or tweets that promote your special offers on our website.

Please contact us if you require additional information or assistance!